Course methods and syllabus

Course learning methods

I think it’s important that we use a number of different methods facilitate your learning, so on the course there will be:

  • Demonstrations
  • Feedback sessions
  • Pairwork
  • Non-verbal group exercises
  • Explanations
  • Group sessions
  • Group discussion
  • Some reading outside the course days
  • I will ask participants to each have a review partner: you’ll be asked to have a couple of phone calls with each other during the course, to discuss how you are getting on with the course.
  • Also, between the taught weekends, you will be asked to do two co-counselling sessions. You will get assistance from me in arranging this.

ManualCourse Syllabus

  • The complete co-counselling method, including: psychodrama, contradition, amplification, celebration, repetition, re-evaluation, and goal-setting
  • The listening stance
  • The power of expression
  • How to use the co-counselling interventions
  • Using your words, your movements, your voice
  • Balance of Attention (not getting sucked in)
  • How to be your own counsellor
  • Two roles: The Explorer/The Ally
  • Equal time/equal roles – the peer concept
  • Life Action
  • The Time Machine
  • Insight, transference, defences, projection