Feedback about the CCI network

The feedback comments below are from co-counsellors in Co-Counselling International (CCI).

‘Co-counselling has been the most positive step in my personal development in the last 10 years: it has helped to enable me to live my life to the full.’
(Ann McWatt, Cumbria)

‘Co-counselling has helped me to become more open, confident, expressive, and more assertive, loving and considerate.’
(Pascoe Hooper, Edinburgh)

‘Co-counselling is one of the things that underpin my life.  It helped me enormously on my personal journey, and in understanding myself and other people.’
(Jo, Sheffield)

‘Co-counselling gave me a whole new way of looking at myself, and the co-counselling course itself had a huge impact: I realised that I have far more autonomy than I had ever thought.’
(Kristal Clark, Leeds)

‘I found co-counselling particularly helpful around the time of my mother’s death. It helped me to heal my relationship with her before she died, and to deal with the feelings that came up at that time and later.’
(Paul, Birmingham)

‘Recently a friend said to me: ‘having a baby – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done’, and I thought, is it the best thing I’ve ever done?… and the answer was ‘no’, because it wasn’t something I ‘did’, it was something that was in my heart all my life. Was it moving to Unstone? No, because others were involved and it was a process. It could well be doing a Fundamentals of Co-Counselling course and all that has passed in my Co-co life since then. All the growing and fun I’ve had in safe environments to take risks.’
(Bobby – not the Bobby mentioned above)

‘Co-co has undoubtedly changed my life in a big, big way. It’s made me self confident, self aware, assertive, emotionally expressive, exuberantly joyful, content, resilient, honest, given me more gorgeous friends than anyone has a right to have in their lives and some of the best hours/days/weeks of my life basking in their company, enabled me to tap into resources I never dreamed were in me, shown me how loving, intimate and connecting human beings can be, made me appreciate and celebrate my life and been a fantastic tool and resource on my journey. Long, long may it continue.’
(Jane McCardel, Glasgow)

‘Co-counselling has helped me cope with depression by helping me address inner conflicts and become more at ease with myself. My confidence has grown and I am more able to assert myself without losing my temper. I cope better with difficult situations, and I am much more sociable. Co-counselling has definitely helped me become more cheerful, more honest with myself and better able to respond creatively to life’s opportunities and challenges.’
(Nigel, Leeds UK.)”

‘Co-counselling really helped me in several ways; it assisted me in making contact with deeper, truer parts of me underneath my anxiety and fears; supported me in coming to terms with losses in my life; gave me some really useful skills in listening, communicating and relating to people; introduced me to some wonderful “real” people.’

(Dom, Edinburgh)

‘Having done my ‘Fundamentals of Co-Counselling’ course, I’ve been able to share myself with people, within the Co-Co community, many of whom have become friends. My life is richer since I became a Co-Counsellor’
(Alan Carver)

‘I attended my first co-counselling fundamentals at a time when I was deeply unhappy and seriously considering suicide. A friend said ‘Try this instead, you just might find it works’. I wasn’t keen, but felt I had nothing to lose — two weekends aren’t that huge a commitment. I had more fun than I’d had in the previous fifteen years. It was also an emotional roller-coaster: there was joy terror, anger, fear, grief. I’d had no idea all this had been boiling inside me …So for starters the course DID mean there would be a ‘rest of my life’ …. A year later the same co-co teacher phoned me to say she was offering another course. It was just the right moment. I joined the new course, and not that long after trained to become a co-counselling teacher. I still teach co-counselling today, with enthusiasm. The benefits to me personally have been and continue to be huge. I am open to being contacted and will answer questions etc.’
( (Ms.) Bobby MacLaughlin, 33 Wellington Lane, Dublin 4, Ireland.
+353 1 668 0316