How to get more confidence at work or at home

There are three ways you can approach the question, ‘How to get more confidence at work or at home’:

  1. Learn skills for assertiveness and practice them
  2. Put yourself in situations where you experience risk
  3. Getting to know yourself

Assertiveness skills

This is a behavioural approach: you learn simple but effective skills from a book and or on a course (like my course Speak Up!) and practice them. It deals with things like how to handle requests that yo find tricky, and how to deal with critcism when it comes your way.

How to get more confidence at work or at home

Confidence at work

My other website gives you a lot more information about my assertiveness training courses. Here’s the link:

Experiencing risk

We all have a comfort zone, and the easiest thing is to stay within it, avoiding doing things that rock the boat, and that run the risk of getting a bad reaction from someone who doesn’t like what you are dong or saying.

Choose to take risks each day, and monitor your response, feelings, thoughts etc.  This does not mean you have to take big risks: it might just be taking a sub-standard coffee back to the counter and asking for a replacement. Gradually, you will expand your comfort zone so that the previously avoided things become easy for you to do, and you are ready to take slightly bigger risks. Do it little by little!

Getting to know yourself, in order to learn how to get more confidence at work or at home

If you are thinking about how to get more confidence, I believe that whilst the skills-based approach if very, very useful, it’s much better to find out in depth who you are and what makes you tick. This is the objective of the course featured on this website: check it out! The CCI core training helps you experience yourself fully, not just on an intellectual level: we do exercises which help you check in with yourself and how you feel and react physically, and with your voice.