Other people say

These are comments following the H+N groups that I host in Leeds 


“ It brings our feelings to the surface. ”
— Manuela on Jun 10, 2012.


“ It is a great opportunity for self reflection in the company of others, safe from an otherwise frantic world of wreckless serenade. ”
— Colin agnew on Jun 10, 2012.


“ If you are brave enough to open you heart and mind to new people and new experiences and excited about learning a little more about yourself and others you might get something out of this x ”
— Shireen on Jun 10, 2012.


“ Great, and a credit to Richard for having the courage in his convictions to organising, hosting and masterminding the event. Everyone present was most supportive and loving. It is great that consciousness is coming to Leeds in this way, because it desperately needs this, and more groups like it. ”
— Jim Ogden on Jun 9, 2012.


“ Writing in this here & now I feel very positive about the one we had yesterday. I join Emma in everything she said. I just thought of something else (or rather have been thinking about it today) I regret saying ‘I can’t’ as I forgot (and keep forgetting) that I CAN. I need to write it on my wrist. Many thanks to everyone for their presence. ”
— Joanna on Apr 29, 2012.


“ Interesting, I’d go to another. ”
— Vicky Thomson on Apr 29, 2012.


“ A really good authentic group this afternoon, thanks for calling it Richard I enjoyed it. ”
— Alan on Apr 28, 2012.


“ I found my first meeting to be many, many things: fun, challenging, caring, uncertain, hilarious, honest, serious and friendly. It was for me a safe space to meet people, to be in the moment and to make some internal and external connections. ”
— Emma P on Apr 28, 2012.


“ This was my first Here and Now encounter . The idea of meeting other peoples ‘in the here and now’ is an interesting concept . If this kind of thing turns you on then this is the place to be . I enjoyed being with people who are prepared to experiment and stretch themselves . So much better than the usual boring platitudes so many people are prepared to live with . Thank you Richard for being true to yourself. ”
— John Parker on Mar 4, 2012.