Personal feedback from co-counsellors about me

‘Fantastic end to our CCI Core Training with Richard Mills and eight other lovely trainees in Leeds at the weekend. I had my reservations beforehand but with practice and the guidance of Richard, and the support and sharing of my fellow co-counselling beginners, I experienced wonderful soul-touching moments. I think it is a rare and remarkable co-operative and supportive method and look forward with excitement and anticipation to further adventures of the self in the company of warm hearted and caring individuals. Thanks again Richard.’
Martin Davies, Leeds, 2012

“Completing the Know Yourself! CCI co-counselling course over the past few weeks has significantly improved my self-confidence.  Richard Mills delivered ‘easy to digest’ tutorials to the group with a combination of vitality and calmness.  There was plenty of opportunity for participants to practice the various CCI techniques and ask questions.  I met a lot of great people on the course and I look forward to seeing them again in the future.”
Sarah, Leeds, 2012

‘All 5 days of the co-counselling course were thoroughly engaging (!). Richard’s playfulness and open mindedness made me realise that working through issues (stuff) doesn’t have to be depressing or frightening. There was lots of gaiety brought about through playing games. I feel that the course allowed me to greatly improve emotional fluidity and learn techniques that I can apply independently thereafter, so in a way the benefits are still to come (!) depending on how I use the tool… tbc’
Joanna Klopotek, Leeds, 2012

Richard ensures that his course is interesting: he uses uses a variety of teaching methods… He really wants the participants to ‘get it’ and benefit from what the CCI training has to offer.  That’s not easy, and I really admire his effort to care, and his honesty in revealing himself, including his ‘weaknesses’.
– Zel, Leeds, 2013

‘I enjoyed the Leeds 2010 course with Richard. At the end of each day I left feeling deeply relaxed and settled within myself. I felt as if there was enough time for everyone within the group, and there was a good balance of fun and deeper issues.’
– Nicky, Leeds, 2010

‘I have attended a variety of workshops with Richard and always find them powerful, challenging and exciting. At the same time I know I am safe, though not so safe that I can’t grow. Richard is steadfast in his integrity, clarity and honesty, and as such I find him an excellent and inspirational facilitator.’
Rosalind Ashling, Perth, February 2010

‘Richard’s perceptive facilitation comes from a deep seated awareness of his own and other people’s journeys. Working with him can be challenging because he pushes boundaries, but it is always safe, and the joy and fun of accepting a ‘push’ is immense because it always leads to new awareness.’

Fiona Larsen, Reading, 2009

‘Richard is a sensitive and aware facilitator. He’s always at the cutting edge of groups with varied ideas to lead the group forward.’
Kathryn, Hamburg, 2009

“I have worked with Richard in a variety of workshops and groups over the last ten years and have been consistently impressed by his evident commitment to his own ongoing growth and development. I appreciate his integrity and clarity of communication as well as the energy and generosity with which he facilitates workshops and groups. As a client, I have welcomed his blend of support and challenge as an effective catalyst for my growth. I have especially valued his continued invitations, both spoken and implicit, to be and become more fully myself.”
Dom Hooper, 2009

‘I have known and worked with Richard on and off for 20 years now and always found him to be extremely knowledgeable of the therapeutic process. He is clear and precise and encourages others to be the same. This can feel challenging at times but it is in my experience always for the benefit of the participant. He also has a good sense of humour, useful when people are wrestling with difficult issues, but this is done with care and consideration so you always feel safe. I always look forward to being in a workshop where he is present.’
Stephen Gillingham, 2009

“I value your authenticity, sensitive observation, precise communication, warmth and humour.”
Alan Carver, Leeds, 2009

‘On the Fundamentals course I accessed painful memories, but thanks to Richard’s skillful facilitation, never felt overwhelmed. He provided a safe space to express hurts, but also to celebrate achievements and share laughter. I discovered that I’m a stronger, richer mix of qualities than I’d previously thought…

‘As a Co-Counselling facilitator Richard is unfailingly professional and unfailingly human. His professionalism means you get a quality learning experience and feel safe with his control of the group. His humanity is evident in the way he presents himself as someone who has shared the same difficult experiences as the rest of us…

‘People ask “What do you mean it’s fun?!” when I tell them about the Fundamentals of Co-Counselling with Richard Mills. They have the idea that counselling is a bleak desent into one’s pain. Richard did invite us to deal with painful memories, but he also had us laughing and celebrating what’s good about ourselves. So I dealt with painful memories from a more positive, resourseful position. Richard’s own sense of humour and enthusiasm provides an environment which makes this all the easier.’
Pip Shippey, York, 2009

‘I find Richard’s workshops to be inspirational and often unusual and I always find that I take away a new discovery about myself’.

Bridget Morris, 2009

‘You were an easy going facilitator that enabled me to feel at ease throughout the training. Your sense of humor allowed me to bring clarity and focus to the issues I found most challenging. For this I am most grateful.’
CC, Leeds, 2007

Feedback from participants on courses facilitated by me and Elisabeth Macdonald

‘This weekend has changed my life’

‘I appreciated the energy and authenticity the trainers brought to the course’

‘Inspiring and liberating. I also enjoyed the variety of activities and teaching methods.’

‘I appreciated the creation of such a safe atmosphere.’

‘The course has given me hope that I can discover my potential.’

‘I thought Elisabeth and Richard made a good team – skilled and sensitive facilitation.’

‘A well planned, well facilitated and balanced course – it was also great fun.’

Feedback from participants on my other confidence-building courses

“I found the body language primer to be really useful. It’s not every day when you have the chance to practice making an introduction to a group of people and get a few pointers on how you did! Richard Mills provides honest and constructive feedback to all participants.”
– Sarah, Leeds, 2012

‘Great Session ! It provide me with lots of insight and met my expectations. Thanks.’
– Diane Holdsworth, Leeds, 2012

‘Really enjoyed this – I’ve learned a valuable new life skill which I can’t wait to implement! Thank you Richard – you the man!!’
– Paul, Leeds, 2012

‘Good taster. Great way of learning assertiveness techniques with plenty of practice.’
– Rachel, Leeds, 2012

‘A good taster for the learning of a new skill in relation to assertiveness.’
– Course particpant, Leeds, 2012

“I found the whole course to be very effective, especially the work on presentation techniques.”
P.S., Leeds, 2006

”A great opportunity to look at situations from another perspective and practice doing things differently. It was good to meet people facing similiar issues and explore in greater depth my own.”
Course participant, Leeds, 2006

Feedback about my professional counselling with individuals

(NB.Because each therapeutic relationship is unique and is a joint enterprise between therapist and client, I have had all sorts of reactions. One of the things that keeps me doing this work is the powerful reactions from some people about just how helpful this kind of process can be. In order to preserve confidentiality I am mostly not repeating, in the section below, anyone’s exact words, but I print below some of the types of comments I have had. I am also not publishing people’s names. The first one is verbatim.)

‘Having worked with you for over two years, I have the greatest respect for your unfailing presence, your professionalism, your focus, your understanding and your abilities as a therapist.’
PB, A client from Bradford, 2004

‘When I first started to see Richard, the previous few years had been difficult on a number of levels and had taken their toll on my mental wellbeing, both professionally and personally. I found myself exhausted, incredibly anxious and unable to see a future plan for myself. I was lost.

Addressing the issues I faced was not an easy decision for me, and I consistently found the sessions a challenge. Richard doesn’t so much give you the answers, rather he leads you down a path were you can discover the answers yourself. He makes you think, deeper. For me, it was about realising who I am and why I act the way I do, assuming responsibility for my mental wellbeing and addressing certain issues with the people closest to me.

I would whole-heartedly recommended Richard. Six months after my first session, I find myself in a much more positive frame of mind, and armed with the awareness to deal with my issues going forward.’
PH, a client from Oakwood, Leeds, 2011

‘If I hadn’t seen you, all of the final year at college would have been wasted.’
A student from North Leeds, 1998

‘This has helped me realise it wasn’t all my fault.’
A female client from Roundhay, Leeds, 1998

‘I feel like a new me.’
A client from Wakefield, 1997

‘I know myself so much better now.’
A client from York, 1996

‘I wish I could have seen you for longer, but I feel like I’m on the right path now.’
A student from Leeds University, 1997

‘Just the one session helped me make some important decisions.’
A client from Leeds, 1999

‘I am amazed at how you have understood me: I feel more understood by you than by anyone else.’
A client in NHS primary care counselling from Harrogate, 2002