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‘Know Yourself!’ …Co-Counselling Training

A two-weekend course that gives you a therapeutic experience in its own right, PLUS all the skills to use co-counselling for the rest of your life, PLUS access to the network of workshops in Co-Counselling International.
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At the mercy of emotions?

There’s no magic formula for happiness – and we all know that. But I can think of one sure-fire way to be miserable, and that’s to have no awareness of my emotions and what they mean when they come tumbling out of the pot, interrupting what I had planned for myself. The less I know about my emotions the less control I have over my world, and the less I can feel free to create what I want for myself. So my aim is to…
Know myself!

Know your defences

Would you try to make friends with someone as prickly as this? Probably not. But defences such as these, that protect our soft core, are there for a reason. Trouble is, those reasons often no longer exist: they were needed long ago, but have now become an out-of-date habit.

And, our defences don’t always look like those of the above cactus: defences can take all sorts of shape, such as routinely withdrawing from or not trusting people, or blaming others, or rescuing others, or being angry instead of sad.

This course will help you explore your own patterns that may feel familiar but that you no longer need. And you may find out more about what you are protecting.

Where do you come from?

This course, and co-counselling, and therapy, is about what’s going on in your current life, and right now in this moment, and in your thoughts about the future. But, those first years of our life were huge in their influence on who we have become. I think there’s no getting away from that.

It’s therefore most useful to visit our feelings about those first relationships that we had that were so formative. So, if you’re up for it (and only if you are up for it), here is a chance to explore those relationships, even if Mum and/or Dad are no longer around… or never were.

How it works: what's the 'Co-' bit about?

First, the technical answer to the above question:

One person in a pair is ‘client’ first, for an agreed length of time (e.g. 18 minutes), and then they swap over: the ‘counsellor’ becomes the ‘client’. They are usually not professional therapists, and have both learned a set of skills on the course.

If it’s done in a group, then each individual gets the same amount of time as client as everyone else (e.g. five people in a one-hour group each get 12 minutes each).

Now, the non-technical answer:
There is an important element of peer-ness and equality in doing co-counselling, so that you know that anyone with whom you work on your ‘stuff’ (a.k.a ‘issues’) is also going to be working on their stuff too. Thus, it’s never, ‘you the expert and me the patient’.

Two weekends to remember!

Co-counselling can be explained in a fairly rational or intellectual way, such that you can understand how it works technically. But I want to go far beyond that: I want to help my course members have a transformative  experience that is utterly unforgettable.
I therefore continually refine my course so that it has activities, structures and approaches that deliver an experiential learning (the above photo is a ‘Talking Stick’) that stays with you: learn by doing, feeling and thinking, all 3 combined.

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Practical details

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Why choose me as your trainer?

I always try to hold a balance between a) holding the group, always paying attention to the space and to the task, and b) being open with you and undefended about who I am. So, whilst the course is for you and I am there to serve you, I will also be present as one more human being trying to find a productive way through this wonderful life. What helps me do that? You could check out my qualifications, but I believe that it’s my years spent working as a therapist and moreover my years working on my own stuff that help me in this.

If you want to meet me over the phone and ask a question call now: I’ll pick up if I’m free. 07984002495


I have worked with Richard in a variety of workshops and groups over the last ten years and have been consistently impressed by his evident commitment to his own ongoing growth and development.  I appreciate his integrity and clarity of communication as well as the energy and generosity with which he facilitates workshops and groups.  As a client, I have welcomed his blend of support and challenge as an effective catalyst for my growth.  I have especially valued his continued invitations, both spoken and implicit, to be and become more fully myself.

Dom Hooper

CCI network

A special kind of listening

I trained in my 20’s in foreign languages, and in my 30’s in music, and in my 40’s in psychotherapy. It took me a while to realise that these are all strongly linked, all refining my skill in listening. But now I realise that therapy and co-counselling is not just about listening to what goes on around me: it’s about checking in with myself and listening to me, myself. And this self that I am listening to is a body, mind and soul that needs attending to so that I get the most out of life.

On this course you will get the opportunity and skills to listen to yourself in ways that you need and can profit by.

More info

In the more info section you can find info about:

  • The CCI (Co-Counselling International) network, which has groups and events in many countries.
  • CCI events, where you may participate in a variety of therapeutic workshops as well as social things like bonfires, games, singing, sauna etc.
  • The venues that we use for our events, usually big old houses in the countryside with nice grounds.
  • Here-And-Now groups, a unique way of meeting yourself and others authentically.
  • … and more