This is a form of therapy developed in the 1920’s by Jacob Moreno. The client, with the assistance of a therapist and members of a small group, acts out scenes from his/her life, in which one or more members of the group play the parts of other people (typically familiy members) from the client’s current and/or past life. Scenes can be actual scenes that happend, or imagined scenes that didn’t happen, or might have have happened.

  • We may meet people from the past or present where we finally get to say what was not said.
  • We may project into the future and meet our future self.
  • We can experiment with different outcomes to the ones that happened, or with events that we imagine could have happened, but don’t remember fully.
  • We may get someone else to play the role of our self, so we see things from a different angle.
  • We may, for example, play the part of our mother, talking to our father… or unborn brother… or grandmother etc etc.

This is a remendously powerful way of working, evoking emotions and insights that in my experience cannot be evoked in any other way: I have attended many psychodrama workshsops since 1992, with Aggie Jakubska, David Brazier and Olivia Lusardi.

In CCI we make use of psychodrama as one of the tools in our therapeutic method.